Monday, August 30, 2010

My I-Story

An I-Story is what Mary Kay consultants call our reason for starting our own MK businesses. We usually refer to it at every MK appointment we have. I don't go through all of this every time. But just for you, I think I will.
This is actually the third time I've become a MK consultant. We can do that, you know. Pick it up and put it down as it fits into our lives. As long as you don't sell products back to the company, you're welcome to come back at any time. Each time I came back was for a different reason...

The first time was in '95. I was a single parent, active duty in the Air Force, working in the computer field, and living in Colorado... 1,100 miles away from family. Being in the military and working with computers, I was surrounded by men. I missed having women in my life. So, the very first time I was invited to a MK party, I couldn't afford to purchase anything, but I wanted to know if I could try being a MK lady too. I thought it looked easy and fun and it would definitely put more women in my world. Sure the money was good, but really, I coveted the girlfriend time. Eventually, I put my MK on the back burner because I was working full time, going to school full time, and was still a single-parent, though no longer in the Air Force.

The second time I became a consultant, I had just finished my Bachelor's degree in Computer Information Systems and relocated to Greenwood, IN. It was 1999 and I wanted something that would give me a little additional income and allow me to make some friends in my new town. I enjoyed being a consultant the first time, so I jumped at the opportunity again. Mostly, I wanted to save money for a down-payment on my first home and pay off my student loans. Once I bought my house and paid off my student loans, I got really lax with my MK until I wasn't doing it at all.

So, the first time - girlfriends. The second time - specific, short-term financial goals. This time, I have DREAMS. I want to retire myself from the computer world. I don't care if I never have a clearance again! I want to be my own boss and write my own paycheck. I want to set my own hours and drive a MK car. I want to look and feel great because I'm wearing the latest, greatest products from one of the top skin care and cosmetics companies in the world. And I want to enrich other women's lives by giving them some 'girlfriend time' while teaching them how to look and feel beautiful for years to come!

At this stage of my life, I have lots of friends and make plenty of income. MK is not really a NEED for me, but it's definitely a DESIRE. And it IS fun! So, I'm taking advantage of all of the things I love about being a MK consultant (positive girlfriends, significant income, flexible schedule) and I'm working towards my DREAMS. I know it might sound a little lofty, but lofty is NOT too much for me to accomplish and it's DEFINITELY not more than I deserve. THAT'S why I'm a MK consultant today.