Sunday, August 25, 2013

Isaiah 66:18-21

Thus says the LORD:
I know their works and their thoughts,
and I come to gather nations of every language;
they shall come and see my glory.
I will set a sign among them;
from them I will send fugitives to the nations:
to Tarshish, Put and Lud, Mosoch, Tubal and Javan,
to the distant coastlands
that have never heard of my fame, or seen my glory;
and they shall proclaim my glory among the nations.
They shall bring all your brothers and sisters from all the nations
as an offering to the LORD,
on horses and in chariots, in carts, upon mules and dromedaries,
to Jerusalem, my holy mountain, says the LORD,
just as the Israelites bring their offering
to the house of the LORD in clean vessels.
Some of these I will take as priests and Levites, says the LORD.

Sunday, August 18, 2013

Hebrews 12:1-4

[from the second reading at mass this weekend]

Brothers and sisters:
Since we are surrounded by so great a cloud of witnesses,
let us rid ourselves of every burden and sin that clings to us
and persevere in running the race that lies before us
while keeping our eyes fixed on Jesus,
the leader and perfecter of faith.
For the sake of the joy that lay before him
he endured the cross, despising its shame,
and has taken his seat at the right of the throne of God.
Consider how he endured such opposition from sinners,
in order that you may not grow weary and lose heart.
In your struggle against sin
you have not yet resisted to the point of shedding blood.

Wednesday, August 14, 2013

Guess what day it is!?

I didn't realize this had my name in it.  I'll have to pay better attention the next time I see the commercial.

Tuesday, August 13, 2013

Been There, Done That

A few months ago, I wrote a blog entry about 100 things I've never done.  I figure it's time to cover the other side of that wall.  Here is a list of 25 things I've done or can do.  Enjoy!

  1. I can solve a Rubik's Cube.  I'm no speed demon, but when I'm done, I assure you there are six solid-colored sides.
  2. I can sing.  I prefer to sing alto and can usually find a harmony pretty easily.
  3. I can change my own tire.  Any of them.  Pick one.
  4. I joined the Air Force and served for 6 1/2 years... every one of them at the Air Force Academy in Colorado Springs.  I was active duty during Desert Storm, but was on maternity leave for the duration of it.
  5. I've been to an Air Force Academy Falcons football game.  I've been to several, actually.  Fly-by's and all.
  6. I've had brunch with Barry Goldwater.  He visited the Academy when the Visitor's Center (which bears his name) was opened and honored.
  7. I served as a Security Police Augmentee for the Air Force Academy graduation the year Vice President Dan Quayle gave the commencement address ('92).  It snowed!  And it was foggy.  I'm pretty sure it's the only year that the Thunderbirds couldn't fly over the ceremonies due to weather.
  8. I won the John L. Levitow award (top graduate) for my Airman Leadership School class.
  9. I've worked a telethon where I answered the phone.  We were even on a local television station.
  10. I graduated from high school in '89, earned my A.A.S. in '94, and finished my B.S. in '99.  Probably should have finished my Masters by '04, but I hated the online degree process.  I've never really considered going back.
  11. I was married and divorced inside of 2 1/2 years.  I've been single the second time longer than I was single the first time.
  12. I have had 12 different addresses since graduating from high school...though some of those were very short-lived (basic training and tech school).
  13. I finished my first 5k in June '12.  I finished my second one in September '12.
  14. I have been to 31 states and Washington DC.
  15. I have escaped from hand-cuffs.  Twice in the same night.  I was in uniform at the time.
  16. As a Girl Scout, I camped at Spring Mill during a tornado.  Made a friend in the next campsite that I still keep in touch with.
  17. I've survived blizzards in both Colorado and Indiana.
  18. I have been to a handful of Indianapolis Colts games, a Colorado Rockies game, and a Colorado Avalanche game.  The team I was rooting for only lost in one of those games.
  19. I have voted in all but one election that I was eligible to vote in.  The people I voted for did NOT always win.
  20. I have been giving blood since Basic Training.
  21. I've been a Mary Kay consultant (though sometimes barely active) since the 1994.
  22. I've driven I-70 between Colorado and Indiana probably two dozen times...each direction.
  23. I have been on a the Bahamas.  LOVED IT!!!
  24. I have had 35 stitches, one broken bone, and one minor surgery in my life.  Oh yes, and childbirth.  I did that too.
  25. I've been working at Crane for 11 years and have had five different employers.  Most of the time, I held the same position on the same contract, but the contract kept getting awarded to yet another contracting firm.
Coming up with things I've accomplished was much more difficult than coming up with things I've never done.  Maybe I need to take my 'never done' list, knock some of those items out, and add them to the 'done' list.

Monday, August 12, 2013

Gibbs' Rules

[From and wikipedia]

1.  Never let suspects stay alone.
1.  Never screw over your partner.
2.  Always wear gloves at a crime scene.
3.  Don't believe what you're told.  Double check.
3.  Never be unreachable.
4.  The best way to keep a secret? Keep it to yourself.  Second best?  Tell one other person -- if you must.  There is no third best.
5.  You don't waste good.
6.  Never apologize.  It's a sign of weakness.
7.  Always be specific whn you lie.
8.  Never take anything for granted.
9.  Never go anywhere without a knife.
10.  Never get personally involved on a case.
11.  When the job is done, walk away.
12.  Never date a co-worker.
13.  Never ever involve a lawyer.
15.  Always work as a team.
16.  If someone thinks they have the upper hand, break it.
18.  It's better to seek forgiveness than ask permission.
22.  Never ever bother Gibbs in interrogation.
23.  Never mess with a Marine's coffee, if you want to live.
27.  Two ways to follow:  First way, they never notice you.  Second way, they only notice you.
35.  Always watch the watchers.
38.  Your case, your lead.
39.  There is no such thing as coincidence.
40.  If it seems someone is out to get you, they are.
42.  Never accept an apology from someone who just sucker-punched you.
44.  First things first -- hide the women and children.
45.  Clean up your own mess.
51.  Sometimes you're wrong.
69.  Never trust a woman who doesn't trust her man.

Sunday, August 11, 2013

Monday, August 5, 2013

Sunday, August 4, 2013

Got Fish?

I eat fish nearly every day for least when I'm at work...which I guess is only four days a week right now.  But still, that's more than 50% of my week.  But I digress...

I usually eat tilapia.  It's my fave.  I can season it any number of ways and it always tastes good to me.  Not to mention, I just cook it in the microwave, which is not the idea way to prepare fish.  But it's definitely edible.

Nevertheless, I recently decided that I wanted to expand my fish choices.  I mean, I eat salmon regularly.  But I can't eat it nearly as often as it's a little too rich for my taste.  So I went to the SeaBest website to check out their other fish varieties.  I chose SeaBest as that's the brand that is sold at my local grocer.  I also like that they individually freeze and wrap their 4 oz servings.

SeaBest categorizes their fish by texture and flavor.

MILD Flavor, DELICATE Texture
Flounder - Flounder is mild, lean and very impressionable. Its oil content allows accompanying flavors to infuse the flaky meat, and the fillets adapt to the seasoning and sauces your family loves. Its versatility also lends itself to a variety of preparation methods and any number of recipes.  With flounder, flavor pairings ranging from mild, smooth butter to tart lemon are all fair game. (90 calories)

Arrowtooth Flounder - A mild, sweet flavor gives this fish depth, while its delicate, flaky texture makes for a main course that’s light, lean and naturally low in fat. (120 calories)

MILD Flavor, MODERATE Texture
Cod - A rich, buttery flavor and a firm, flaky texture make cod fillets one of our most popular and versatile fish. With the high omega-3 oil content giving these fillets their delicious flavor, it may come as a surprise that they’re naturally low in fat. (85 calories)

Haddock - If Atlantic fish-lovers played favorites, Haddock just may win. Called the Cadillac of Cod, it’s a softer, slightly more delicate and flavorful fish than other like-textured fish. (95 calories)

Orange Roughy - The mild flavor of the smooth pearly white meat adapts to a range of recipes and seasonings, taking on the taste of the cuisines you love. (75 calories)

Swai - There may be no other fish quite as versatile as swai. Swai’s mild flavor and moist, flaky texture lend it to a broad audience of seafood lovers and seafood newbies alike. And when it comes to cooking the fillets, swai adjusts to your cooking savvy in the kitchen; whether you’re more comfortable pan frying, baking or broiling, swai can help turn even the novice into a seafood chef. (98 calories)

Pollock - Pollock fillets boast a slightly fuller flavor compared to cod and haddock, and tout a medium texture perfect for fish taco night. With a number of options for preparation, from baking to pan frying, pollock adjusts to your skill set in the kitchen. (90 calories)

Perch - Ocean Perch is lean, moist and flaky with a mild flavor that hints at sweetness. Perch tastes fantastic fried; try dredging in a thick coat of breading or pecans. (105 calories)

Tilapia - Tilapia fillets are an excellent introduction to seafood with their mild, palate-friendly flavor and medium texture. Tilapia is ideal for sauces or seasonings, adopting the flavors of the seasonings with which it’s paired. (98 calories)

Snapper - Naturally low in fat, these sweet, versatile Caribbean delicacies are sure to be a hit. (110 calories)

MILD Flavor, FIRM Texture
Grouper - Grouper touts a stellar reputation for great taste, texture and versatility. Enjoy this coastal favorite in many delicious ways, from grilled or fried to barbecued, baked or sautéed. (100 calories)

Whiting - Whiting fillets have a tender, flaky texture and a distinctive moderate flavor. Dredge them in breadcrumbs and fry them up crisp and golden for an irresistible family seafood night favorite. (97 calories)

Salmon - Salmon fillets are ideal for any level of cooking skill; these large flakes of meat hold their juicy, tender texture through any preparation. Salmon is one of the richest sources of omega-3 compounds; so while the goodness of Sea Best Salmon delights your taste buds, the nutrients will be doing great things for your health. (125 calories)

MODERATE Flavor, FIRM Texture
Mahi Mahi - Mahi Mahi fillets tout a mild, sweet flavor and firmness that makes this fish especially satisfying and simple to cook. Fruit-based salsas are a perfect complement to this tropical favorite. (98 calories)

Tuna - These thick steaks are overachievers when it comes to satisfying your appetite. Place them on a sandwich, a salad or let them hold their own as the main course. Try grilling these Ahi Tuna steaks for an incredible, healthier alternative to fattier proteins. (130 calories)

Catfish - A slightly sweet flavor gives depth to the unique moist texture of this reliable, Southern-raised favorite. Catfish has a firm texture that’s mild, moist and flaky, lending itself to a variety of recipe pairings and almost any cooking technique. (120 calories)