Thursday, March 2, 2017

An Eventful February

So I haven't been blogging nearly as often.  I just haven't had much to say.  Or so I thought.  February has been a particularly eventful month though.

It started on the 8th.  I overslept and got to work late.  So I had to work later.  The Burns City gate was closed for some reason, so I had to go out the Crane gate.  Normally I would not have even been in this place at this time, but that day I was.  In pulling from 558 to 231, I pulled out in front of someone.  I just didn't see her in her little red Mazda M3.  She hit me broadside.  I missed a day of work to heal and get things ironed out... including getting a rental car.  It took awhile to know, but my Impala was ultimately totaled.  I was only stiff and sore.

Six days later, on the 14th, I was driving to work on time.  I was heading for the Burns City gate when all of a sudden the big red truck in front of me slammed on his breaks to avoid deer.  I slammed on my breaks and pulled to the left, but I still hit him.  I don't know for sure, but I'm pretty sure that little Chevy Cruze was totaled too.  I had another day off work to heal and get things ironed out... including getting another rental car.  Again, I was only stiff and sore, but more so.

Three days later, on the 17th, I sold my house.  The house I've owned and paid for but haven't lived in for YEARS.  I wanted to get it cleaned out and emptied before I sold it, but it appears there's mold in the house.  So I sold it 'as is'.  I consider that a huge burden off my shoulders.  I've been looking forward to not owning that house for so long.

A week later, on the 24th, I bought a new car.  I now own a pearly white Chevy Malibu.  My payment is lower than it was with my Impala.  And the car has upgrades.  I now have heated seats, remote keyless entry, and a reverse cam.  I really like it.  Let's hope I can keep it on the road for awhile.

Another great thing?  I've been depression free for about 15 months now.  Praise the Lord!