Monday, October 28, 2013

The Evolution of Jack

Does anyone else remember back in the day when we made jack-o-lanterns by pretty much just cutting out triangles?  The standard pumpkin looked something like this...

A couple of weeks prior to Halloween, these happy jacks started showing up on most porches.  Some were bigger, some were smaller, some weren't so round.  But really, this was what most of them aspired to.

But NOW, I rarely see the standard.  Instead, they have much more unique faces.

Some have amazingly detailed faces.

Some don't have faces at all!

Some have faces, but no candles.  This jack-o-lantern wasn't even gutted.  I guess that's one way to keep the top from falling in.

Some have faces that are painted on.  I guess this is a safer option... unless you choose to use lead paint.

Some jack-o-lanterns aren't even pumpkins!  What the heck?!

Some jacks were created using multiple methods.  At first this one started off as a standard jack, but then someone chose to carve the brain.  I didn't know jacks had brains!

Some don't even seem to have anything to do with the theme of Halloween.  I could have put any number of pictures here.  I found pics of jacks with Hello Kitty, Tigger, ESPN, hearts, and all kinds of other things that had little resemblance to the original jack.

And of course, I found a jack-o-lantern that took advantage of the contours of the top of the pumpkin.  This one also has a hat and hair.  It's like a Halloween costume for your jack-o-lantern!

The jack-o-lantern has come so far.  But since I'm not a huge fan of Halloween, my favorite jack-o-lantern looks more like this...

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