Thursday, August 14, 2014

Psalm 75

1 [For the choirmaster Tune: 'Do not destroy' Psalm Of Asaph Song] We give thanks to you, God, we give thanks to you, as we call upon your name, as we recount your wonders.
2 'At the appointed time I myself shall dispense justice.
3 The earth quakes and all its inhabitants; it is I who hold its pillars firm.
4 'I said to the boastful, "Do not boast!" to the wicked, "Do not flaunt your strength!
5 Do not flaunt your strength so proudly, do not talk with that arrogant stance." '
6 No longer from east to west, no longer in the mountainous desert,
7 is God judging in uprightness, bringing some down, raising others.
8 Yahweh is holding a cup filled with a heady blend of wine; he will pour it, they will drink it to the dregs, all the wicked on earth will drink it.
9 But I shall speak out for ever, shall make music for the God of Jacob.
10 I shall break down all the strength of the wicked, and the strength of the upright will rise high.

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