Saturday, June 30, 2012

My First 5k!

I did it!  I ran my first 5k!  It went pretty much as I expected.  It was hot.  At times, it felt like it lasted forever.  I had to push myself harder than I thought I could.  And I still finished pretty darn close to last.

But I'm okay with that.  I finished!  And I burned more than 400 calories.  Not to mention, I did a heck of a lot better than all those people who didn't even show up! 

I had four goals.
  1. I wanted to finish the race.  CHECK!
  2. I wanted to run at least 50% of the race.  CHECK!
  3. I wanted to run the entire first mile.  CHECK!
  4. And I wanted to run through the finish line.  CHECK!
All goals met!

I had plenty of cheerleaders that helped me along the way.  That was SO COOL!!!  And a huge shout-out to Becky Lingenfelter who came back and ran the last quarter mile or so with me AFTER she finished it.  Thank you SO MUCH!!!  I'm pretty sure I would have walked part of that last leg without her.

Catfish 5k pre-race (Linda, Stephanie, me!)
Thank you also to fellow 89er Stephanie Mangin for the brilliant idea to train for and run this event and Linda Wickman who did a GREAT JOB and even scored a plaque for her efforts!

I think we're already planning for our next 5k in September.  Who's with me?!

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