Wednesday, October 24, 2012


I finally went to see the doctor about my left foot pain.  I've had plantar fasciitis pain in the past, associated with weight gain and working out.  But in the last couple of months, the pain has been worse in my left foot.  Always before, there were stretches and things I could do to lessen the pain.  But not so much lately.

Well, I found out today that I have heel spurs.  In fact, the nurse practitioner could feel one of them without even doing an x-ray.  The one on the back of my heel is fairly pronounced.  But I have one on the bottom of my heel as well.

This is an x-ray of a normal foot.
See how the outer edge of the bone at the heel is mostly smooth?  That's a good thing.

This is an x-ray of a foot with multiple heel spurs.
See how there are hooks pointing toward the front and the back of the heel?  This is fairly close to what mine looked like...only my front spur (the one pointing towards my toes) was the smaller of the two...and both of my spurs were as pronounced as the larger one in this picture.

The doctor asked me if it hurt just to stand.  [lol]  I admitted that I felt pretty okay long as I didn't have to stand for hours at a time.  At any rate, I'm supposed to stay off my foot as much as possible for the next two weeks.  And I have to do a few foot exercises every day.  AND I have to go see a podiatrist on Halloween to see if they need to put a shot in my heel!

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