Wednesday, February 20, 2013

On Any Given Day...

[from an American Cancer Society - Relay for Life site]

On Any Given Day... Cancer never sleeps. It does not discriminate, and no one is immune. Cancer can strike any family, in any community, at any time. And the only way to fight it is to be right there in those communities and with those families … every single day. That’s the great strength of the American Cancer Society. Thanks to our committed volunteers, we never sleep either. We are here to help every family … in every community … every day.

On any given day in the United States, more than 4,100 people will hear the devastating words, “You have cancer.”

On any given day, more than 1,500 families will lose a loved one to the disease in the United States.

But the American Cancer Society is doing everything within our power to change that. Because of YOUR efforts...

On any given day, our website will receive more than 63,000 hits from people looking for life-saving information about cancer prevention, treatment, and support.

On any given day, nearly 3,000 people will find knowledge, resources, comfort, and compassion from a trained cancer information specialist at our toll-free call center.

On any given day, the American Cancer Society will provide more than 1,500 people with cancer-related information and programs.

On any given day, nearly 140 cancer patients and caregivers receive free lodging from one of the American Cancer Society Hope Lodges nationwide.

On any given day, our grassroots force of more than 3 million passionate volunteers is tirelessly seeking to save lives from cancer.

On any given day, nearly 180 women will be reminded that they are still beautiful – no matter what cancer does to them – through our Look Good … Feel Better® program.

On any given day, almost 100 wives, husbands, daughters, sons, sisters, brothers and friends who have been diagnosed with breast cancer meet a trained Reach to Recovery® survivor and volunteer, who provides living proof that they can beat this disease.

And the proof that our efforts are working?

On any given day, more than 12 million cancer survivors are enjoying rewarding, productive lives.

The American Cancer Society touches so many people on any given day … because dedicated volunteers and supporters like you are committed to making a difference in the fight against cancer – EVERY DAY.

On Any Given Day.

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