Monday, March 25, 2013

Home Sick Today

I didn't sleep well last night.  At first, I thought that was what was making me feel so unwell.  But as the day goes by, and I've added a two-hour nap to my day, I still feel tired and not up to par.

  • My head hurts a little.  It's not a headache as much as it just feels full and heavy.
  • My eyes feel VERY dry.  When rubbing my eyes this morning, one of my contacts just popped out.  I didn't put it back in and removed the other one.  But still, I find myself rubbing my eyes all the time.  My eyes really only feel relief when they're closed.
  • My body feels battered and bruised all over.  Every time I stand up, I feel like I've fallen down the stairs.  And unfortunately, it's keeping me from getting comfortable...whether I'm awake OR asleep.
  • And I'm tired.  I'm so very tired.  Within an hour of waking up after my nap, I was tired again.  It's only 4:30pm and I already can't wait to go to bed for the night.  I'm forcing myself to stay awake until at least 6pm so that I can hopefully sleep all night long.  But forcing myself to stay awake is annoyingly frustrating.  My body is begging for sleep.
I felt perfectly fine Saturday, outside of being a little sore after Friday's workout.  And I think I felt mostly okay yesterday.  I didn't do much...sang at mass, grabbed lunch from the deli, watched basketball and NCIS all day, while reading and writing.

It wasn't until I woke up three times between midnight and dawn this morning that my body was really complaining.  I'm not liking it.  And I don't think I can last another 75 minutes before going to bed.  I'm yawning so hard, my face hurts.

I'm thinking another warm shower and another dose of Advil.  I'm not cold, but the warm water pulsating from the shower head feels really good on my sore body.  THEN I'll decide if I can stay awake for another hour or so.

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