Tuesday, June 18, 2013

What I'm Reading

"Private Berlin" by James Patterson

I love reading James Patterson novels.  He keeps me awake at night sometimes.  But he's definitely a writer that I can pick up and put down at will.  I went a week or so without getting much of an opportunity to read.  Yet I was able to jump right back into "Private Berlin" without having to read several chapters just to remember what the heck was going on.  The story was so interesting, that I recalled most everything I needed to in order to continue reading the book.

James Patterson has a handful of Private books.  I've read "Private: #1 Suspect", "Private Games", "Private London", and I'm reading "Private Berlin" now.  I also own the first in the series, "Private", but I haven't read it yet.  I bought them out of order...and am reading them out of order.  There's another Private novel coming soon as well, "Private L.A.".

Private is the name of a security and investigation company with branches all over the world.  When the local cops or even national authorities can't put serious resources on a high-profile case, Private can...and does.  They have the best of the best when it comes to employees and equipment.  And they're hired by some of the most famous (and sometimes infamous) people and organizations.

I've enjoyed all of the books in the Private Series thus far.  I'm sure I'll enjoy "Private" and "Private L.A." too.  All in due time!

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