Thursday, June 5, 2014

100 Days Challenge - Day 5

I have to say, I'm enjoying my checklist every day.  I make lots of notations and check marks in it.  But I am seeing a trend that I need to nip in the bud.  I'm doing everything well... except my diet!

So let me tell you what I'm tracking.

Bedtime (previous night)
Wake-up Time
Hours of Sleep

I have one night since Sunday where I only got a little over three hours of sleep.  Otherwise, I've slept A TON!  Not sure, but it's probably just recovering from our Relay weekend.  My weight hasn't changed a bit.  But neither has my diet, so no surprise there.

Morning Medications
Essential Oils
Morning Supplements
Evening Meds/Oils/Supps

I'm doing pretty well with my medications, essential oils, and supplements.  (I'll go into detail on those in a future post.)  But for whatever reason, I just can't get back into the Nutrisystem diet again.  I have plenty of food.  And I even enjoyed it the first time.  I just need to do it!  That's my goal this weekend.  Nutrisystem or nothing!  I also haven't been drinking my water.  Those are really the only two areas that I'm struggling with... and those are two areas I really need to work on.

Bible: 10 Chapters/Day
Chaplet of Divine Mercy
Blog: Psalm
Blog: 100 Days Challenge
Read "100 Days of Weight Loss" and complete Journal/Exercise
Identify three things that I'm grateful for
Read Affirmations
Post: #100HappyDays picture
Walk (steps)

The Bible reading plan that I'm currently following had me start in ten different books of the Bible, reading just one chapter a day.  It breaks down the bible into ten different sections, all of them differing lengths.  So I could possibly/will probably finish the different sections at different times.  No matter though.  Once you finish a section, you repeat it.  So the next time I'm reading Genesis, I'll likely be in a different Gospel.  At any rate, I've been reading Matthew, Genesis, Joshua, 1 Chronicles, Isaiah, Romans, 1 Thessalonians (and then 2 Thessalonians, and then 1 Timothy), Job, Acts, and Psalms.

I've also enjoyed saying a Rosary and a Chaplet every day.  Both are beautiful prayers.  I always thought they were time-consuming before.  But now, I'm truly enjoying that quiet time.

I don't intend to blog on this Challenge daily, but I will a couple/few times each week.  But I DO intend to read the "100 Days of Weight Loss" book and complete the associated Journal/Exercise portion, as well as reading my personal Affirmations and listing three things that I'm grateful for.

I haven't been posting my #100HappyDays pictures because my phone is out of commission.  But as soon as it's back (or I've replaced it), I'll be posting things that make me happy... every day... for 100 days.

As for steps, I haven't hit 10,000 since Relay.  I need to get back at that too.  Last week, I walked nearly 82,000 in one week.  But the Pacers were still playing and I did a Relay Field Day and a Relay for Life.  This week (only 4 1/2 days in), I'm only up to 20,247.  I don't expect to hit 82,000 every week, but I do want to average 10,000 every day.  So I need to regulate my steps... and my sleep.  Last week, my steps were up and my sleep hours were down.  This week, my steps are down and my sleep hours are up.  I need to find a happy medium.

I'm not expecting a whole lot of change tomorrow (Friday).  But I AM planning to make positive changes in my diet and water intake this weekend.  Next weekend should look much different.  AND I should see a shift in my weight.  And that would be a very good thing too!

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