Monday, January 2, 2017

A beautiful spring day... in January

It's a holiday today. That happens when the actual holiday falls on a weekend day.  Anyway, I got the day off work today.  And I chose to sleep in.  That's what I do with most of my days off.

The mayor mentioned on Facebook that it felt like spring out there. I had to take the challenge and find out for myself.  I couldn't wait to get outside.

My plan was to drive a bit and ultimately end up in the park with the ducks.  I rolled down my windows and read.  It was absolutely lovely.

I love a day when I can read fiction.  And when I can read it in the park with my windows down, that's perfect.  So I truly enjoyed this day off.

When I first started seeing my counselor, he suggested that I use the park as a refuge to calm my nerves and center my mind.  Here, two and a half years later, I still enjoy that little exercise.

I hope we have another spring day in January.

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