Sunday, January 1, 2017

Happy New Year!

I normally don't make plans for New Year's Eve.  I usually have dinner by myself, watch a movie or two, and go to bed long before the ball drops.  But my mom invited me to go to the casino with her and her siblings.  So I went.

First we went to mass.  Then we headed to French Lick.

Dinner at Lengendz was really good.  I had the taco salad and it was delightful.  Afterwards, we went to the casino.  I found a couple of machines that liked me and only lost $3 on the night.  I consider that a victory.  I've never come home a winner, but I've never only lost $3 either.  Definitely a victory.

One of my uncles ended up $100 to the good, so he offered to buy us sundaes at Dairy Queen.  It was nice ending the year with family and ice cream.

I was home by 10pm.  Happy New Year!

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