Monday, September 3, 2012


Heartland 5k, post-race

I ran/walked my second 5k yesterday morning, the Heartland Half-Marathon/5k in Jasper.  I had four goals, pretty much the same as the goals for my Catfish 5k in June.
  1. Run the first mile.  FAIL - I started off too fast to keep running for a whole mile.
  2. Run at least half of the race.  FAIL, I think.  But my walking pace was faster.
  3. Run through the finish line.  SUCCESS - I'm pretty sure I ran the last half mile.
  4. Improve on my 43:07 time from the Catfish 5k.  SUCCESS, barely.  Finished in 43:00.  ***UPDATE***  We got the official results today.  I actually finished in 42:51.  Woohoo!
I never felt comfortable during this race.  Could have been the rain.  Could have been the 0500 wake-up.  Could have been the fact that I think my running shoes are hurting my feet (even though I've only had them a month, I'm definitely replacing them!).  Who knows?!  But before it started, I couldn't wait for it to be over.  And several times during the run I wondered if I'd even finish in the 40's.  I wouldn't have been at all surprised to find out that I was a good ten minutes over my previous finish.

But once I finished...AND found out that I had bettered my time...I was on cloud 9!  And I definitely plan to do another one in the future.  Not sure if I'll find another one in the local area before winter.  But that won't keep me from training.

Okay, since I initially posted this, I've been invited to run three more 5k's this fall.  Not sure that I'll do them all, but I want to do at least one!
  1. The first one was actually an advertisement in the goody bag I received at the Heartland 5k for the First Annual Purdue Boilermakers Half-Marathon and 5k.  It's in West Layfayette on October 20th at 8am.  I think Stephanie and I are seriously looking to do this one...since she's a Purdue grad and all.  The only thing is, it's pretty far north for me.  But we'll work it out.  Just waiting on the go ahead from Steph before signing up for this one.
  2. Then I got word about running with the Scouts on Sept 15th.  That one is only two weeks away.  But it's much more local, at the Martin State Forest at 8am.  I need to decide on this one pretty soon.
  3. Then I got word about the Dubois County Humane Society 5k in Jasper on September 29th at 7am.  What is it with Jasper doing their runs so darn early in the morning?!  I have until the 15th to decide if I'm doing this one.
Let me know if you're at all interested in running with me/us.  I'd love to have some least at the beginning and the end.  I promise not to hold you back during those middle three miles.  : )


Pastor Jen said...

That's awesome! Congrats! Keep up the good work. You'll have good days and bad days....but you are out there doing it! Well done!

Leslie said...

Thanks, Jen! I think a friend and I are already planning the next Purdue in October. Seven weeks to train. Looking forward to it...except that it's so darn far away.