Sunday, September 16, 2012

Take Our Bread (hymn)

Take our bread, we ask You.
Take our hearts, we love You.
Take our lives, oh Father, we are Yours.

We are Yours.

Yours as we stand at the table You set.
Yours as we eat the bread our hearts can't forget.
We are the signs of Your life with us yet.
We are Yours.  We are Yours.


Your holy people stand washed in Your blood.
Spirit filled, yet hungry, we await Your food.
Poor though we are, we have brought ourselves to you...
We are Yours.  We are Yours.


We sang this at mass this morning.  My favorite line is, "we are Yours."  Lucky me, we got to sing that line several times.  I've included a YouTube video of the hymn.  Enjoy!

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