Friday, June 5, 2015

Essential Oils

I've been reading up on Essential Oils a lot lately.  I just don't feel like my anti-depressants are always doing what I want them to.  (Though right now I feel GREAT and have since around the 22nd of May.)  I also have ALWAYS felt that my depression was hormonally charged.  The fact that my depression appears to be getting worse as I age, only confirms that for me.  So I was enticed by an article with the title "9 Essential Oils that Support Hormonal Balance".

I don't have/use all of the oils mentioned.  But I do have a few of them.  So I added a few things to my daily routine.  It's only been a few days, so I don't have any updates as to their effectiveness.  I'll know more once I get through 'that time of month', which won't be for another ten days.  But a couple of things I'm adding are:

  • Basil: 1-2 drops applied to the cartilage above the earlobes daily for adrenal gland balance
  • Lemongrass & Myrrh:  2-4 drops applied to the thyroid area daily, alternating weekly with Balance & Geranium for thyroid balance (The article actually suggests Myrtle, which I don't have.  But another source suggested Myrrh, which I have.)
  • Clary Sage:  a few drops added to a carrier oil and rubbed into the ankles daily for ovary balance

I was also intrigued by an article with the title "Essential Oils for Emotional Well Being".  They cover several negative emotions, but I've included the information for a few below.  They reference a book, "Releasing Emotional Patterns w/Essential Oils" by Carolyn Mein which I've now purchased, that lists negative emotions, their positive counterparts, the oil that should be applied, where to apply it, and what you should say as you're applying it.

Feeling Worthless

  • OIL:  Frankincense
  • APPLY:  to cheeks
  • MANTRA:  "I am valuable."
Feeling Lazy
  • OIL:  Spearmint
  • APPLY:  to pancreatic duct, just below sternum
  • MANTRA:  "I am motivated."
  • OIL:  Peppermint
  • APPLY:  to thymus area at left collarbone
  • MANTRA:  "I accept growth."
  • OIL:  Purification (Purify)
  • APPLY:  to the liver point, top of foot between big toe and second toe
  • MANTRA:  "My direction is clear."

**I found both of these articles because I follow Essential Oils Queen on Facebook.

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