Thursday, October 27, 2011


Today I got an email from HR. They want me to project how much PTO (personal time off) I will use in November and December. Things have been pretty (FREAKIN') busy this entire calendar year. And I know that isn't expected to change in the next couple/few months. So, my first thought was, PTO?! Are you kidding me?!

I ran a report of all of my time cards since the beginning of the calendar year. I've taken PTO five times for a total of 47 hours since January 1st. I earn 120 hours a year and I only took 47 of them in the last ten months. And most of those were for medical reasons.

Apparently there were three days in March where I was sick. So, that was 27 hours (because of my 9 hour day). I charged 3.5 hours to PTO for my colonoscopy late in March. I know I had the whole day off, but apparently I had already worked enough hours that I only needed 3.5 hours in order to hit 80 for that pay period. I charged 5 hours to PTO on a Monday in April. My calendar shows 'out tired'. I charged 2.5 hours to PTO in June for Relay for life. And I charged 9 hours to PTO in August...depressed.

I even took a whole day off earlier this month for my dad's surgery. But I'd put in so many hours already, I didn't need to charge any PTO.

So I'm thinking, the chances of me actually taking a whole week off is somewhere between unlikely and 'what the heck are you thinking?'

I projected 40 hours...just in case. Then I checked out my calendar.

I normally work a 9 hour day and get every other Friday off. So I could potentially be off every other Friday for that. Plus, Veterans' Day is a Friday. I'll have Thanksgiving and the Friday after that off. Short weeks throughout November!  I love the thought of that!

So, if I take a vacation, it'll be in December. Again, I should have every other Friday off. Christmas is on a Sunday, so it'll be observed on a Monday. I'm thinking about taking off the week between Christmas and New Years. Then I'll be off work from Saturday the 24th until Tuesday the 3rd!
Now, let's see if I can get that approved.

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