Thursday, November 3, 2011

Ahhh, 41

Happy birthday to me!

I got this from my MSN homepage.  It was written by Meagan McCrary.  You can learn a lot about me in this post...if you so desire.

SCORPIO: The Sting Operation

The universe heats up from Oct. 24 to Nov. 22 as the zodiac's most passionate and powerful sign, Scorpio, takes her turn in the sun. Show your sexy side with fellow Scorpios Julia Roberts, Katy Perry and Matthew McConaughey using this personalized astrology guide.

My Birthday
Scorpios are known for asking very personal questions. As the universe's investigators, their penetrative minds are inclined to delve deep. Your ideal birthday celebration would be a get-together with a few choice girlfriends, where you can swap secrets to your heart's content.

...sounds like a wonderful idea.  I should seriously consider planning something just like that...

My Style
As the sex symbol of the zodiac, you could make even a buttoned-up cardigan look hot. Twinsets, however, just aren't your style, and your look leans more toward an international espionage vibe. Thigh-high boots with a stiletto heel—a little dominatrix, a little sex kitten—are a must for your fall wardrobe.

...okay, I like the idea of being part of 'the sex symbol of the zodiac'.  Not sure that I pull it off well though.  I've never owned a pair of thigh-high boots or anything with a stiletto heal...

My Colors
A Scorpio's power colors are red and black. Known for their hypnotizing eyes, Scorpios should play up their best feature with some smoky shadow. And you may as well go all out and paint your lips red for a full-on sexy effect.

...I wear lots of black, but that has more to do with my size.  Perhaps I should add more red to my wardrobe.  I can pull off a smokey eye, but I've never worn a red lip.  Hmmm, perhaps to bed...

My Love Match
Mesmerizing, obsessive and jealous—but ultimately irresistible—Scorpios are known for being hot one minute and cold the next. You need a strong man who can hold his ground while keeping you intrigued. Passion is, of course, a must, so when it comes to sexual chemistry, Taurus is your best bet.

...I wonder if I know a single Taurus.  I don't think I'm jealous.  Totally agree that I 'need a strong man who can hold his ground while keeping me intrigued'.  The mere thought of meeting that man sounds oh-so-wow...

My Love No-No
Scorpios give 100 percent when it comes to love, expecting nothing less from their partners. While they are unwaveringly loyal, they can also be both suspicious and resentful. Men who need constant attention, like Cancers and Geminis, will only bring out the worst in you.

...mostly, I need to know that my man loves me even when I'm being my worst me...

My Personality
Perhaps the most determined sign of the zodiac, Scorpios can and will accomplish anything they put their minds to––they simply never give up. While they'd never admit it, most Scorpios also have a deep fear of failure. Set attainable short-term goals for yourself and, if something doesn't work out, use your strong adaptive skills to quickly move on before anyone's the wiser.

...what?!  I give up all the time.  If I didn't, I'd be a happily married woman, a Cadillac-driving Mary Kay consultant, a published author, and a sexy size 10 who could still run a couple of miles...

My Mood
Scorpios have a knack for reading between the lines and grow weary of people playing games. This distrust, combined with their deep sensitivity and confrontational tendencies, often make Scorpios quick to detect insult, even when none was intended. It's essential that you consider all possible sides before you unleash your anger on those close to you.

...okay, I can buy all of that...

My Day of the Week
Tuesday is Scorpio's best day of the week. If you've been strategically planning your next move, whether it's scheduling a job interview, asking for a raise or making an offer on a house, then strike on a Tuesday.

...I was born on a Tuesday.  My son was born on a Tuesday.  I think the next time I get married, it'll be on a Tuesday...

My Halloween
True to their ruling planet's namesake, Pluto (Roman god of the underworld), Scorpios have an affinity for the paranormal and occult. The world becomes your playground on the night of All Hallows' Eve. And as the sexiest sign of the zodiac, you couldn't ask for a better holiday on which to dress up.

...uhhh, yeah, I don't do Halloween.  Never really been a fan.  And even though I find things like telekinesis and mental telepathy, as well as dreams, deja vu, and gut feelings all very real and intriguing, I don't put a lot of thought into ghosts or the occult...

My Date Night
If you're in a new relationship, then cozy up in a dark corner of a wine bar where you can coax some intimate information from your new man. If you're more settled with a beau or husband, then make a date with a local psychic—you might discover something new about your mysterious nature. Single? Spend the evening at home with your own deck of tarot cards.

...I WISH I was in a new relationship.  I even have the guy picked out!  But since I'm still single, I absolutely LOVE spending an evening in all by myself...though I have no intention of owning or borrowing a deck of tarot cards...

My Home
Fiercely independent—and slightly controlling—many Scorpios prefer to live on their own. Immensely private, your home is your sanctuary. Deep, rich and sensual are the best descriptions your ideal home decor, and the bedroom in particular should be a place of mystery. Deck it out in silks and satins (think sexy boudoir). home is definitely my santuary and I most definitely prefer to be in it alone (though right this minute, I'd love to be curled up with one specific guy, watching a good movie or a great game).  I don't have silks and satins, but still I love the decor...

My Money
Scorpios are attracted to the potentially transformative power money holds, which is fitting, since the sign is associated with the rising phoenix. Spend some cash this month to revive your winter wardrobe or transform your apartment.

...definitely need to revive my wardrobe...

My Workout
Nobody loves competition more than a Scorpio, so when it comes to getting your sweat on, an exhilarating game of tennis or racquetball would be right up your alley. Scorpios are known for staring down adversity and enjoying activities that test their will—for a real rush, try an extreme competitive sport like MMA.

...I've never been all that competitive.  I prefer walking or running to get my sweat on...

My Creative Outlet
Passionate about everything they do, Scorpios learn to channel their intense emotional energy into creative outlets. Given your observant nature, photography would be something you have a natural inclination for. Besides, it also lets you probe all you want while still hiding behind the lens.

...I channel my intense emotional energy into writing...

My Hobby
Aware and perceptive, with an innate curiosity for life's mysteries, Scorpios are drawn to the spiritual. And since you have no problem hanging alone, meditation is an ideal pasttime that will help you wade the waters of your fluctuating emotions (you know, the ones you keep just below the surface for no one to see).

...Meditation for me includes prayer.  And somedays it takes everything I have to 'wade the waters of my fluctuating emotions' (aka depression)...

You don't let that guard down too often, but once you do, you're one of the best signs of the zodiac to have as a friend. You need a pal who can understand your obsessive nature, who isn't intimidated by you, and who can be completely frank when needed. Your best girlfriend in the zodiac is Pisces, a fellow water sign.

...I think I let my guard down all the time; I feel like my heart is on my sleeve most of the time.  But I do appreciate my close friends.  I have many people in my world that love me.  I consider myself very blessed...

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