Monday, January 23, 2012

Jeff is 21!

My baby turned 21 yesterday. Twenty-one! I'm not sure when I got old enough to have a 21-year-old. But in looking back, I can't really remember my life without him. Sure I remember being a kid and going to school, living with my parents and all. But sometimes I feel like my life didn't really begin until I was grown up and knew what I wanted to do with it. And Jeff has always been a part of that life.

Being a parent was not always my favorite thing. Probably because there were times when I really didn't feel like I was all that good at it. And Jeff has not always been a joy to parent. But he's come a long way. And I have to admit, he's a cute kid and a pretty funny guy. He makes me laugh! And I love it when I can make him laugh too.

Oh, and I taught him how to give a great hug. So, he's got that going for him. And he gets to practice every time he sees me. Gotta love that!

We don't live in the same town anymore, so I don't get to see him as often as I'd like. But I think about him every day. He's definitely one of my favorites.

Thank you, Lord for blessing me with Jeff.

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