Wednesday, April 10, 2013

Confirmation Mass

Tonight was the Confirmation mass for the Martin County Catholic Churches.  During his sermon, Bishop Thompson said that he asked each of the Confirmation students to answer three questions.  The first was, 'why do you want to be confirmed?'  The second was, 'how/why did you choose that Saint's name?'  The third was, 'how/why did you choose your sponsor?'

Saint Catherine of Bologna
The Bishop said that the students' answers to the first question would show whether or not they were taking this initiation seriously.  The second question indicated how in depth they studied the Saint that they wanted to try to emulate.  And their third question showed that they recognized good and moral behavior in the adults in their environment.

I found all of that very interesting.  I made me think back to why I chose my Saint's name... Catherine.  I have to admit, after nearly 30 years, I honestly don't remember why I chose that Saint to try to live up to.  There are actually multiple Saints with the name of Catherine:

  1. Blessed Catherine of Pallanza - recited the Hail mary 1,000 every Saturday
  2. Saint Catherine of Alexandria - denounced Maxentius for persecuting Christinas
  3. Saint Catherine of Bologna - determined to live a life of perfection in holiness
  4. Saint Catherine Chong Ch'oryom - Korean Martyr, canonized by Pope John Paul II
  5. Blessed Catherine of Cottenceau - Beatified by Pope John Paul II
  6. Saint Catherine di Ricci - had a reputation for absolute moral perfection
  7. Blessed Catherine du Verdier de la Soriniere - martyr, beatified by Pope John Paul II
  8. Blessed Catherine Jarrige - beatified by Pope John Paul II
  9. Saint Catherine Laboure - received visions of the Virgin Mary
  10. Saint Catherine of Sweden - spent her days in prayer and meditation, working with the poor
  11. Saint Catherine of Siena - began having mystical experiences at six, seeing guardian angels
  12. Blessed Catherine Troiani - called by God to be a missionary in Egypt
  13. Saint Catherine Yi - canonized by Pope John Paul II
Saint Dymphna

[pulled most of this information from Catholic Online: Angels and Saints]

I'm pretty sure I chose Catherine after reading up on the life of Saint Catherine of Bologna.  But I wouldn't swear to that.  If I had to choose a Saint to help guide my life today, I'd probably choose the Patron Saint of Mental Illness - DymphnaShe didn't suffer from mental illness herself, but her father did...and ultimately took her life.

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