Thursday, February 27, 2014

FitBit Flex

My FitBit Flex arrived today!  I previously owned a FitBit Ultra.  But it no longer holds a charge and isn't supported so much by the company.  I liked the Ultra, but I'm just excited to have a FitBit again.  This one is a wrist device and is lime green.  The FitBit simply makes me aware of my movements and motivates me to do even more.

FitBit Flex color options

My FitBit Flex tracks:

  • steps taken
  • distance traveled
  • calories burned
  • very active minutes
  • sleep time and quality
  • Flex also features a silent wake alarm that gently vibrates at wake-up time.
I set my daily step goals (10,000 steps) and the Flex tells me when I've hit each 20% increments.  And when I reach 100% of my goal, the Flex vibrates and it's lights will illuminate.

The Flex is water resistant, so I can even wear it 24/7.  It syncs when it's within 20 ft of the dongle in my PC.  And if I had a newer phone, I could sync it that was as well.  I only have to charge the Flex once every five days, which is convenient for me.  The only reason I'll have to take it off my wrist is to charge it.

It's unlikely that I'll be walking 10,000 steps each day at first.  But if I get my workouts in, that should boost my step count.  Maybe once it's warmer I'll actually get out there and put feet to pavement to rack up my step numbers.

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