Wednesday, February 5, 2014

Snow Day

I didn't go to work today due to snow and ice.  I didn't work from home much today either.  I slept in.  I slept a lot.  It was lovely.  But it will likely affect my ability to sleep tonight.  But tomorrow I'll keep reminding myself that I slept GREAT the night before.  It'll get me through.

I'm feeling a bit anxious this evening.  Maybe if I take my anti-anxiety meds, it'll alleviate my anxiety and help me sleep.  Could be a good thing.  Doesn't answer the question as to why I'm anxious in the first place though.

One more day of training.  Thank God!  And we're WAY behind.  Ugh!  I have a couple of students that are struggling.  More accurately, I don't think they're paying attention.  One of them obviously doesn't listen to me.  I swear on three different occasions, he asked a question that I had just answered two minutes before.  One of the other students mentioned that he's been spending more time surfing the net than he has been listening to me.  Oh well, as long as he doesn't call me once he gets back to his desk.  I always want to tell those students that I'll give them as much attention as they gave me.

At any rate, I need to pare down the information that we have left to go over.  Because we'll NEVER be able to get through all of it at the speed we've been going.  I also wonder how many folks won't be there tomorrow due to road conditions...meaning I'll have to go over it yet again with them at a later date.  It's okay though.  I'd rather go over it again at a later date, than be the reason someone got out on the roads when they weren't comfortable doing so.

Can't worry about that today.  Must get some sleep. It's 8:30pm.  Time to turn off the computer and the phone, put in a move, and chill for the night.

Thank You for today, Lord!

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