Thursday, October 22, 2015

After seeing the cardiologist...

So I saw a cardiologist for the first time in my life on Monday.  His name is Dr. Leonard and he's treated my dad before.  I really liked him.  He was kind and answered all of my questions.  And in return I was able to answer all of his questions.

He listened to my heart and my lungs.  We talked about my blood pressure being up to 142/100 that day, as well as my heart rate being 100bpm.  He didn't like either of those numbers.

We talked about what Dr. Potts (my primary care provider) said and what Dr. Callaghan (my old psychiatrist) said.  We talked about the fact that my anti-depressant medications have already been adjusted and how that might be enough to make a difference in my heart rate... though not yet.

He wants to see if any damage has already been done to my heart, so he ordered an echocardiogram for next Tuesday.  Otherwise, he's okay with waiting another four weeks to see if this medication change is enough to bring down my heart rate to something more reasonable.  If not, he mentioned adding a beta blocker to my regimen.  Dr. Potts had negative things to say about that option, as apparently they don't mix well with other medications.  But we'll see how everything turns out.

Ultimately, if the echo doesn't show any heart damage, we're pretty much just looking for anti-depressant meds that will allow my heart rate to be lower and I won't likely have my own cardiologist.  If the echo DOES show heart damage, I'll have a couple/few more appointments with my new cardiologist.  Dr. Leonard doesn't think there's much chance in there being any damage though.  I found that to be a positive outcome to that appointment.

So let's all pray together that the adjustment in my anti-depressants brings my heart rate down to something more reasonable while still managing any depressive tendencies.  Amen.

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