Friday, October 16, 2015

After seeing the psychiatrist...

I met with Dr. Callaghan yesterday afternoon.  She too is convinced that my Fetzima in particular is causing the high heart rate.  She too was surprised to hear that my heart rate is averaging over 100bpm.  She said that Dr. Potts (my primary care provider) was adamant with her that she see me right away.

So she got me in.  It was great seeing her.  She supports patients at Transitions through the Daviess Community Hospital.  The good news for me is that she knows my new psychiatrist, Dr. Tracy Woodward and even introduced her to my counselor, Robin Maglinger.  So she's going to ensure that a copy of our record gets to both Dr. Potts and Dr. Woodward.  (I was a little concerned about meeting with Dr. Callaghan when I'm supposed to meet with Dr. Woodward any time now.  I kind of felt like I was cheating on Maglinger Behavior Health Services.  But there was no need for that concern.)

So, Dr. Callaghan completely agreed with Dr. Potts that we need to make a change to the medications controlling my bipolar II.  Thankfully she didn't suggest changing the meds.  That was NOT pleasant the last time I had to go through that kind of transition.  But she did suggest decreasing the Fetzima from 120mg to 80mg and increasing the Latuda from 20mg to 40mg.  Hopefully that allows my heart rate to come down to something more reasonable, while still managing my depressive episodes.

I'm a little nervous.  But I've got good doctors who care.  So I keep reminding myself to trust the process.

I wonder if my heart rate could drop as fast as three days.  I see the cardiologist on Monday.  Wouldn't it be great if he sees marked improvement and doesn't require me to visit with him regularly.  One can only hope.

The fact is, I don't deal with stressors all that well and I'd just as soon not have this one.  But I'll know more after meeting with him on Monday.  I'll let you know!

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