Saturday, January 25, 2014

After One Week

Well, I've made it through week one.  Was I perfect?  Not even close.  Did I still find success?  Why yes I did!

So I'll just tell you.  Last Saturday when I weighed myself, I weighed a whopping 254.6 lbs.  To the best of my knowledge, that's the most I've ever weighed.  But today, I weighed in at 248.2!  I lost 6.2 lbs in the last week!  I know it's probably all water weight since I drank a lot more water than I normally do.  But hey, the water weight needs to go too.  I'm still stoked about the significant start to my weight-loss goals.

I honestly enjoyed the Nutrisystem meals.  All but one, that is.

I have to admit, I didn't love the breakfasts.  I'm not much into sweets, especially first thing in the morning.  And the breakfasts, though not bad, are all too sweet for me.  I had four different kinds of muffins and three different kinds of breakfast bars this week.  In the future, the breakfast bars have to go.  But I can do the muffins.  I've been adding a boiled egg to breakfast every day.  I'll continue to do that.

I really enjoyed every lunch...except one.  I had spicy kung pao chicken, three cheese chicken, cheese tortellini, a loaded baked potato, and white bean chicken chili.  I loved them all... except the spicy kung pao chicken.  I had to force myself to finish that one.  But since there are so many lunch options, I don't have to worry about EVER eating that one again.  I added green beans, zucchini, or yellow squash to each of those meals.  I cheated today and had a Subway sandwich while doing my laundry at the laundromat...turkey on wheat with onion, green pepper, and tomato.  It was lovely!

I LOVED every one of my dinner options.  I had a thick crust pizza, lasagna with meat sauce, chicken Alfredo, Italian herb flat bread pizza, chicken pot pie, and rotini with meatballs.  I had broccoli or cauliflower with each of these meals.  I cheated one night and had food/snacks at our Relay for Life kick-off.  But I tried to eat relatively healthy with fruits, veggies, and cheese.

This week was the Nutrisystem Fast Five week.  I don't know if Nutrisystem does that with ALL first-time orders or if it's a deal they have going right now.  But the menu is a little more stringent.  And for my morning and afternoon snacks, I was supposed to do a chocolate shake.  The morning one increases energy; the one in the afternoon battles cravings.  Well, this is where I totally lost it.  I had both shakes on Sunday, the morning shake on Monday, the afternoon shake on Tuesday, and the morning shake again on Wednesday.  I am so freakin' OVER these diet shakes.  I didn't touch another one all week.  The supply they gave me should last until summer!  Instead, for my snacks, I had a Babybel cheddar cheese in the morning and a small green apple in the afternoon.

I also drank 64 oz of water every day...except today.  I need to be drinking more, especially once I start working out.  But this was a good start for me.  I have a travel mug that holds 16 oz of water.  I give myself two hours to finish it before I fill it again.  And I was able to keep up with that schedule this week with no problem.  I initially intended to flavor the water with my Slim & Sassy oil.  But I quickly got tired of that taste.  So I flavored it with MiO.  It's no-calorie and has several flavor options.  My favorite is orange tangerine!  I ended up putting my Slim & Sassy oil in a veggie cap and took it like a vitamin.  Every time I filled my water bottle, I took another Slim & Sassy capsule.

As for workouts, I didn't do the ones I'd intended to do.  I'm not sure why.  I was really excited to get everything started last Sunday.  But maybe this is better, to build up to 'everything'.  I got some walking in.  I did some dancing.  Setting up for Relay was a decent workout.  But tomorrow, I start Les Mills Pump.  Monday, I start T25.

Oh, I took "before" pictures too.  I was at work and took them in our huge wall mirror in the ladies room.  I'm wearing regular clothes instead of tight, short workout clothes where I show a lot of skin.  But I think it's clear that I'm obese.  My plan is to take a picture every month.  I also need to do my measurements.  Perhaps I'll do that first thing tomorrow.

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