Friday, September 2, 2016

Ahhh, September!

I love September.

It's my second favorite month of the year.

The temperatures start dropping.  Football starts.  (Real football, not that preseason crap.)  The days get shorter and it's dark by the time I get ready for bed. The kids go back to school.  The fields are harvested.  The leaves start to change, making for a beautiful picture.

It's just an absolutely lovely time of year.

This month also has a holiday.  Any month with a holiday is a-okay with me.  I mean seriously, what's not to like?

Right now things are going really well for me too.  Work is going great as I'm loving my new job.  I'm enjoying my new car.  I've been chatting with Jeff regularly, which is a very good thing.  I get to see my grandsons this weekend.  I'm reading a good book.  I had an appointment with my counselor and even he thinks things are going well in my head.  I haven't had a depressive day in nearly nine months.

So join me in celebrating the month that is September.

One more holiday and it could be like November, my very favorite month of the year!

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