Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Put me in, Coach!

I got a phone call from my new coach. It's been a long time since I've had a coach. But I have one now. Her name is Krista and she's my Wellness Coach.

SAIC has a program called MyWellness. I completed an assessment of my health and fitness. I named a couple of goals that I want to focus on. Then I was assigned to my very own coach.

We talked about two primary goals: try two new healthy recipes from the StayWell website AND exercise 30 minutes a day, four days a week. She wanted to know what I already had in place to meet those goals. Then she offered a couple of other suggestions. She also asked me what might prevent me from attaining those goals. Then she offered a couple more suggestions.

She wanted to know if I had a strong support group; I think I do. She asked me what I'd eaten today; I told her. She asked me what my reasons for wanting a coach were; I told her I wanted to look and feel and sleep better. She also asked me if I had an ultimate goal, like a certain weight or dress size I'd like to visualize. Of course I do! But mostly, I want a lifestyle change. I want to BE healthier. But I'd also like to see 135 pounds again! Lastly, we made plans to talk again in 30 days...unless of course I want to talk to her before then. Then she gave me her number.

I am pretty excited to start this journey to be a healthier, sexier, more rested, lighter me. Wish me luck!


Cissy Apple said...

Thanks for the reminder! I forgot all about that and should sign up too.

Lauren said...

Way to go, Leslie!

You are going to do so well!