Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Snowman Snow!

It’s here! It’s finally here! Snowman snow!

This is not the first day that we’ve had snow all winter. But it’s by far, the first time we’ve had enough to snow to make a respectable snowman. And it’s about time!

I heard on the radio this morning that this is the most snow we’ve gotten in one storm system in four years. Four years! We’re in Indiana, not Florida. We should get snowman snow EVERY winter! Maybe even TWICE every winter.

Maybe it’s because I lived in Colorado for ten years and I miss it. Maybe it’s because I lived in Colorado for ten years and I know how to DRIVE on it. Maybe it’s because it makes every lawn look perfectly manicured with smooth, rolling hills.

Whatever the reason, I like the snow. And unless the wind is blowing really hard, it’s usually not all that cold when it’s snowing. It just looks soft and delicate and pretty. Perfect for snow angels and snowmen.

Long gone are the days when I’d enjoy the snow from atop a make-shift sled. And the one time I went snow-skiing, I didn’t like it at all…but that’s a completely different story. But I LOVE to watch the snow fall. Sometimes (not always) I even love to hear the snow crunch. I love the workout that comes from shoveling the walk. I love to go back in the house and thaw out with a hot cup of cocoa. If I had a fireplace, I’d light it, just to complete the perfect picture.

Bring on the snow! I am blessed that I have a roof over my head and heat and cable and the internet and of course, the forethought to go to the grocery store yesterday. So, let it snow! Let it snow! Let it snow!


Shelley said...

Thanks for stopping by my blog today.

Michelle said...

You lived in Colorado for 10 years and only skiied once? Hmmmm. I love how you decorated your snowmen. That's the one part I tend to leave off, shame on me. Enjoy your snow!

And thank you so much for coming to visit my blog on my SITS day. Today has been so much fun and so lovely to see the response and fun comments. I really appreciate it. I hope you enjoyed my blog and come back to visit soon!