Monday, January 12, 2009

A Sad Day for Colts Fans

Colts Coach Tony Dungy has decided to retire. He is a stand-up guy, a dedicated husband and father, a devoted Christian, and an inspiration. He will be missed.


Irsay spoke of Dungy for nearly 10 minutes before a room filled with media and Colts employees, turning the stage over to Polian after an emotional speech during which he fought tears. Before he finished, Irsay read a poem he said “sums up my belief in what Tony inspired on our journey when we finally did win the Super Bowl and what it stood for and what it meant to me:”

Once upon a time – oh, what a time it was, a time that moved within us – the seeds of our humble beginnings,
We would gather in our circles and pray together on sore, bended knees, holding hands to keep our dreams from escaping from our hearts,
We had heard about a time, a time that might be ours, a time that the spirit might deliver – when long tired days were shared within those rooms,
And we would lose some along the way, but we would honor them with a gift of conviction and faith,
We would hold on with nothing left within us except the will that says, ‘Hold on,’
We would cry and we would laugh,
We would suffer and we would rejoice,
We would get angry and we would meet sadness,
But we would always find our circle,
With clenched hands and heads bowed, and ask for the courage when the distance seemed too far,
Then, on a rain-drenched, windy night, hiding deep inside a magical, Florida winter, we finally walked softly into our time.

Irsay then turned to Dungy.

“That kind of sums up what the journey has been with you, Tony,” he said. “I just can’t thank you enough, Tony, for all you have done, and the way you have brought the horseshoe back to such a height that it stands for so many special things.”

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