Saturday, April 14, 2012

Fitness: Body Weight Lifting Part II

Again, someone from MFP introduced me to Nerd Fitness.  My first reaction was, "TOTALLY love the name!"  Then I went to the site to check it out.  Steve (MISTER Nerd Fitness) is an excellent writer.  Not only does he thoroughly explain things so that even a newbie can understand it, he does it with humor...and a multitude of references to science fiction movies.

I initially visited the site to check out the Beginner Body Weight Workout.  Only one of the exercises requires any equipment...and Steve suggests a gallon jug of milk for that one.  I fully intend to start this workout once I accomplish my 200 squats.  Once I can do the Beginner workout, I plan to move up to the Advanced Body Weight Workout.  This one suggests a pull-up/chin-up bar and something to allow you to do dips.  I'll definitely have to build up my arm strength before I can pull this one off!

The site is filled with a ton of information and several other The 20-minute Hotel Workout and The Angry Birds Workout.  There's information on dieting, recipes, success stories, and a whole library of videos that show you how to do each of the exercises.  I really like this site!  Check it out!

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