Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Fitness: FitBit

I have a FitBit Ultra in plum.  LOVE IT!  I got it so that I could know exactly how many calories I was burning in a day or for a particular workout.  It counts calories burned, steps taken, stairwells climbed, and miles traveled.  It'll even tell me if I'm sleeping well.

AND it syncs with  And because it tracks all calories burned, I only have to track all calories consumed.

My favorite thing about my FitBit...after a workout and again early in the evening, I check my numbers.  If I'm without a few hundred steps of 10k for the day, I take a short walk.  If I'm close to my 5 mile goal for the day, I take a short walk.  It entices me to hit those goals every day!  Just the little nudge I need to stay on track.

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