Sunday, April 15, 2012

MFP Elimination Challenge - Week #1

Because I don't know if anyone actually reads this blog and because anyone who does falls into one of two categories: total stranger or someone who loves me, I'm going to be completely frank here.  Anyone who knows me well won't be surprised; those who don't know me at all won't care.

So, know that I'm working on losing weight and getting into better shape.  My ultimate goal is to lose 100 lbs.  Nearly a year ago, I was at my highest weight at 243 lbs.  When I joined MFP at the beginning of March, I weighed 235 lbs.  Today, I weigh 225 lbs.  My goal weight is 135 lbs.  I'm giving myself two years to get there.  By that time, working out and healthy eating should be part of my life and not a daily challenge.  At this point, I'm still really excited about the journey and my ability to accomplish my goals.

In an effort to keep myself motivated, I joined the latest MFP Elimination Challenge this week!  I'm new to these online fitness challenges.  But this is what I know about this one so far...

  • weigh-in is every Friday, but no later than 10am Saturday morning.  If I don't log my weight, even if it doesn't change, I will be eliminated.
  • there will be a weekly challenge that will run Monday through Friday.  I must complete the challege successfully.  If I don't, I will be eliminated.
  • I must log my progress of the weekly challenge at least twice during the week.  If I don't, I will be eliminated.
  • everyone is encouraged to use the forum to chat, banter, ask questions, provide support, and take advantage of the opportunity to friend others taking the challenge. Playful trash-talking is welcome, but rude, insensitive comments will not be tolerated and will be cause for elimination.
  • the first week (possibly the first two) is all based on individual effort.  After that, remaining players will be put on teams.
Week #1 Challenge: 
  1. WORKOUT - I have to burn 1100 calories between Monday and Friday this week.  And I have to do it with at least three workouts that last at least 25 minutes.  If I do more, I should post exactly what I did.  If I don't complete this, I will be eliminated.
  2. REPS - I have to do 400 reps of anything during the week.  I can mix and match what I'm doing reps of and they have to be in increments of 25.  For instance, I can do 50 crunches, 100 squats, 25 bicep curls, etc.  But I have to do a minimum of 150 reps on two days of the week.  If I don't complete this, I will be eliminated.
  3. HARD REP - I have to pick one thing that is normally done in reps that I HATE or STRUGGLE WITH.  No problem!  It should be something that I can only do 1 - 5 reps of.  In Week #1, I only have to specify what my Hard Rep is and how many I can do.  The thing I struggle with the most is push-ups.  I can't even do one...girl-style!  Sad, but true.  But because I don't expect to be able to do many more than 0 in the next 11 weeks, I'm listing planks as my hard rep.  Currently, I can do 3 10-second planks.
  4. FAVORITE REP - I have to pick one thing that is normally done in reps that I ENJOY doing.  I have to provide the number of them that I'm comfortable doing...and then add 10 to it for the first week.  For instance, Jumping Jacks (100) or Crunches (25).  I have to do this exercise four days between Monday and Friday.  Since I feel like I'm getting plenty of cardio workouts in during the week, I'm choosing squats for my favorite rep.  I can do 20 fairly I'll be doing 30 for this challenge.  And I have to complete this four days of the week.  If I don't, I will be eliminated.
So, I've already provided my weight this week of 227.2...because that's what I weighed Friday morning.  And I'm all set to start the Challenge tomorrow morning.  I plan to do my Kettlebell workout in the mornings, walk/run at lunch, do my 200Squats or 200Situps/Upper Body Workout in the evenings.  And I'll likely do my Rockin' Body workouts a couple nights of the week as well.  I check in with MFP daily, so I'll probably log my progress daily.

The keeper of the contest says that no one gets eliminated in the first week (as long as they log in), even with a weight gain.  So, that means I'll be telling you all about Week #2 next Sunday!  Wish me luck!

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