Friday, February 13, 2009

Asking for your help...

It's time for the Body of Christ to come together for people just like Fran and Craig. I know it's a long post for me. But please take a few minutes to read this one. Thanks!

I received an email from a friend about a couple needing assistance. I've never met these people, but the email touched my heart and I felt compelled to help. After making a monetary donation, I decided that I could do more by spreading the word to my email and blog friends. If you'd like to help make a difference for this family, let me know. I'll tell you how. Every little bit helps. Thank you so much in advance.

In His Name,

Email from my friend, Tracy.

Hi! This is Tracy... Fran and Craig are dear friends of mine from California. Fran helped me immensely when Mom died and many times since then. Her beloved father recently died. Last year, the State of California cut out payments to Craig for being the stay-at-home caregiver for their severely handicapped son Joseph. It was one half of their income. Now, they are both out of work temporarily. I am asking you to please read her urgent message (below). If there is any way you can help, I am asking in all humility, please do. Your Christian charity will be rewarded one hundred fold! I know that Paul and I will help. What wowed me is that Renee heard us talking about this situation and guess what she did? She went to her purse and gave us $50 of the money she received at her 11th birthday party and from family last week. She did it willingly and joyfully...I'm so proud of her! I don't mean to embarrass anyone. If you choose not to give or simply cannot do so at this time, I understand. I don't get involved in causes, people or activities that I am not 100% committed to and believe in. I can assure you Fran and Craig are genuinely special in God's eyes and in mine. If you can and want to help, remember that the "widow's mite" was very acceptable to Our Lord. Any amount can help. It all adds up! Let me know what you think. I can send you their address. Or, if you prefer, I can send them any gifts we receive for them all at once. Thank you. Ave Maria! Tracy

Email from Tracy's friend, Fran.
Hi Tracy. Hope you and yours are doing wonderful. We are doing OK but hurting in areas that are very difficult to talk about. Since I consider you one of my confidantes who understands our situation and ministry, I am going to be very candid with you. I do not expect you to have answers or help readily available but perhaps you know of someone who can help this financially strapped family. This is so draining and so humiliating that I weep as I write this to you.

As you know, Craig was out of work for quite some time. He has several health issues but falls through the cracks as far as qualifying for disability. He obtained a simple security job which he was thrilled with. However, because of the flailing economy, he is now only "on call"....this month he received all of 4 hours of work! Praise God, he has 8 hours this week. At least it's "something" for now. I am currently out of work. My health has been in question from all the current stress I have been under: extreme financial crisis, physical problems, demonic supervisor on the job, and my mom's disabled condition... plus her grieving my dad (who died a few months ago)....I had to take an emergency FAMILY LEAVE which is a law in the state of California. Praise God again my job immediately recognized my situation as grave and gave me the time but I am WITHOUT PAY for 3 months.

Miraculously, a friend of ours gave us a gift to cover our rent for the 1st month. Catholic Charities is covering the 2nd month (we think so far) but we need help with the rent for the 3rd month. I will be back to work on April 1st or May 1st depending on health and circumstances at that time. It's BEEN MORE THAN A NIGHTMARE and I try very hard to give a happy face to the world. There are very few who know what we struggle with or suffer. You told me to let you know whenever we needed anything. Well, my dear Tracy, now that the time has arrived I need to tell you: WE ARE IN DIRE STRAITS.... We are just a paycheck away from homelessness and by the grace of God have survived all this time. However, the time has come that we must humble ourselves more and ask for assistance during these 3 months. I totally UNDERSTAND if you cannot help at this time but what I am asking is this: DO YOU KNOW ANYONE WHO CAN HELP PEOPLE WHO ARE POOR AND STRUGGLING? Are there any charities or individuals you know who assist folks like us? I know the need is EVERYWHERE in the USA today and charities hardly have enough to give anymore.

If anyone asks, please tell them this: our rent is $1,400 a month and we do not have enough to cover it for 2 more months. If we could only have some help, perhaps my health will improve with rest (my blood pressure has been dangerously high), hopefully Craig's work will get more hours and I will return to my job after my mom is on her feet again. She needs so much help! Please mention that there is a severely handicapped young man involved in all of this (my son Joe) who is retarded and cannot work. He needs 24-7 care and I cannot work full time because of it. I know it is why Craig has been home so much. God has always taken great care of Joseph even though we are called to suffer as a family. The struggles are surely difficult in all areas. Whenever I get down about all of this, I remember what our Lady told St. Bernadette, "I CAN'T MAKE YOU HAPPY IN THIS WORLD.....ONLY IN THE NEXT"

Tracy, this has just about killed me to write. I guess this is what its like to be truly POOR. I never thought I would be in this category, but I am, WE ARE....there are no holds barred with our problems tonight. If you write back with words of encouragement and nothing else I will be more than thankful and happy. It feels good to just have a sounding board.... I just thought since you told me to let you know if things ever needed a hand or we needed help, THIS WAS THE TIME TO CRY OUT. If you can think of nothing in assistance, just pray for us PLEASE.....I know your prayers are very powerful!!!! God will show the way even though it seems real dark right now. Thank you again for listening and caring so much.

Your Sister In Christ, Fran +JMJ+

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