Sunday, February 8, 2009


Make your own "Obamicon" — your image in a style inspired by Shepard Fairey's iconic poster. (I found this on Paul Merrill's blog; he visited my blog as part of Blogapalooza at Middle Zone Musings.)

Regardless of your candidate of choice in the 2008 election, (and for anyone who knows me, you know Obama was NOT mine) here's your chance to see what your face as as icon looks like.

Take your picture with a web cam or upload a photo, choose your own message, and submit to the gallery.

Here are a few for your enjoyment. House (my favorite television character), Kermit the Frog (my favorite Muppet), and me.


Christy said...

They ALWAYS think it's Lupus.... lol

Paul Merrill said...

Hey Leslie - thanks for visiting my blog via blogapalooza.

And glad you liked the Obamicon. (I thought it was fun too.)

Blessings today!

Lauren said...

I'm with C. What are the chances? I didn't know that many people had lupus to begin with. It is a lot MORE RARE than House's pee-ons think it is.