Friday, February 27, 2009

My Oh-So-Productive Day!

I had lots planned today. And I got lots done today. I didn't get everything done that I wanted to. Nevertheless, I got lots done, so I'm stoked about my day.

First, I slept in. What perfect day wouldn't be complete without sleeping in?!

I got my hair cut while getting my oil changed. I am one of those people that just walks into a Great Clips or Wal-Mart and gets my hair cut on a whim. Today, I did it because I dropped my car off with their service department to get my oil changed. Two birds -- one stone. So, my car is happy; all fluids are filled. And my cute bob is evenly trimmed again. Happy hair!

I finally picked up the pictures that my family had taken during the July 4th weekend. Yeah, almost eight months ago. I'll scan one in tomorrow so you can see them. Each of my siblings and their families wore a different color. So, my parents wore yellow. Alan and his family wore blue. Jeff and I wore red. Jill and her family wore green. My sister Erin wore orange. And Ian and his wife Erin wore purple. Yeah, we looked like Skittles!

I ordered my new glasses. I was going to do this last month. But between my new job and the weather, I didn't really have the time off work. At any rate, my new eyes should be here in 7-10 days. Perhaps now I'll be able to read the sports ticker at the bottom of the screen while watching NCAA basketball.

I purchased my son's sectional tickets, so I gained 100 AWESOME MOM POINTS today.

I had dinner with my friend Karen. We were going to get together for her birthday...which was a month ago. But she was sick. So we put it off. We FINALLY got together for Mexican tonight. She picked me up at 5; I didn't get home until 9! We talked and talked and talked! Good times.

Now I'm watching a movie with the boy! Also a good time.

What a GREAT day! I LOVE my
RDO Fridays.

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