Wednesday, March 18, 2009

If the Suit Fits...

I've been meaning to mention this for two weeks now and keep forgetting. So, please excuse the old news.

During basketball Sectional week, the kids dress up each day according to a theme. Well, Tuesday (our game day), the kids were wearing suits. Most of them were wearing large jackets with the sleeves rolled up that they purchased from the local St. Vincent de Paul or pulled out of their father's closets. They didn't look like they were headed to a wedding or anything. But they were wearing pieces/parts of suits, nonetheless.

Jeff is 18 and is a senior. (I just felt the need to mention that in this post.) I don't know why it even crossed his mind to try it, but he decided that he'd try on the only men's suit in our house. It happened to be the one that we purchased new and had fitted for him...for his 8th grade graduation.

I couldn't believe it! It actually still FIT him!

He's grown a little in the last four years. The waist was a little tighter. In fact, that was the first time in a LONG time that I've seen Jeff's waistband at his waist instead of around his hips! That made the length a little short...but just a little really. And he had to be careful with his range of motion so as to not rip the sleeves off. But he wore it...ALL DAY...with the zipper zipped and the buttons buttoned.

Under the jacket, he wore his bright yellow FAN shirt. He topped off the ensemble with a black LHS baseball cap...worn with the bill to the rear...and a pair of black and white Sketchers.

Jeff looked pretty good...but unfortunately, L'tee lost that one. With any luck, Jeff's future 'spirit weeks' will be as an IUS Grenadier!

And hopefully, he eventually outgrows that suit!

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