Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Still Reading "The Shack"

I am still reading “The Shack”. I can’t believe how long it’s taking me to read this book. It’s not that I don’t find it interesting. I even love the writing style. But for some reason, it just seems to be taking me forever to get through this one.

I try to read a little every night before going to bed. It helps me take my mind out of my day (my stresses, my bills, my to-do list) and lets my mind live in a make-believe world where the problems are not mine to solve. I think it helps me fall asleep.

So, I am making progress on this one, just not as fast as I expected. And I’ve come to the conclusion that perhaps God doesn’t want me to just zip through it. Maybe, just maybe, He wants me to take in a little at a time and let it swim around in my heart and soul awhile before taking in the next little bit.

At any rate, I’m enjoying the book. And last night, I enjoyed it while sitting on my front porch with Linus Felinus. The wind was a-blowin’ so hard, it sounded like the ocean! But we were fairly protected on my porch. I was hoping for a thunderstorm. But if it came, it was well after I closed my book and went to bed. Tonight will be much too cold to read outside, so I’ll be back to reading in bed…my second favorite place in the world to read.

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