Saturday, July 7, 2012

Beachbody Ultimate Reset, Day 1

So, I'm starting Beachbody's Ultimate Reset.  Actually, I guess I started it this morning.  And I'm really excited...for SEVERAL reasons.  The Reset helps you to...
  1. Restore energy.
  2. Boost your mood.
  3. Maximize health.
  4. Lose weight.
  5. Lower cholesterol.
  6. Balance inner chemistry.
  7. Release harmful toxins.
  8. Restore metabolism.
  9. Fortify the body with nutrients it needs.
  10. Rediscover your true healthy self.
I started this latest journey to more positive health back in March, when I joined one of Jayme Thompson's Beachbody Challenge months.  I was supposed to commit to doing Shakeology every day, do a Beachbody fitness program (I chose Rockin' Body with Shaun T), log my calories consumed versus calories burned on MyFitnessPal (MFP), and checking in on our Facebook page each day.

I LOVE the Rockin' Body workouts.  I was able to dance my way to improved fitness and lost 8 lbs in one month.  And I really got hooked on logging my progress on MFP.  I made TONS of like-minded friends on MFP.

After my March Challenge month, I joined an 11-week Elimination Challenge through MFP.  We were given several cardio, strength, and diet requirements every week.  And with each passing week, participants were eliminated for not completing the requirements.  I made it all the way to week 10!  I pushed myself harder, tried new workouts, and learned more about what I could accomplish in that ten weeks than I have in more than a decade.  At the same time, I was training for my first 5k...which I did last weekend.  By the end of four months, I'd lost 20 lbs and 7 1/2 inches.

Beachbody recently introduced their Ultimate Reset.  I honestly don't remember the moment that I decided to do it.  But there were several determining factors for me.  It's a complete system reset for the body's chemistry, including metabolism.  It enhances weight-loss.  It's a completely healthy diet, heavy in fruits and vegetables, where I prepare every meal.'s 21 days off from working out...other than a 20 minute walk in the morning and evening.  And being that it's been 100 degrees for what seems like weeks, that was a pretty good selling point too.  (Don't get me wrong, I will TOTALLY miss my walk/run, strength training, and Rockin' Body.  But I think the daily walks will keep me centered.)

So today, July 7th is my Day 1.  My Day 21 is July 27th.  21 days devoted to eating healthier, drinking a heck of a lot more water, and ultimately resetting my body.  I'm excited!  I'm looking forward to spending more time in the kitchen and trying new foods like miso soup and the root medley.  I want to take the next step in my health and fitness by drinking more water and focusing on my diet.  And I'm anxious to see not only how I look and feel after these 21 days, but how it improves my sleep, my workouts, and my weight-loss progress in the future.

I turn 42 on November 3rd.  I've decided that after the Ultimate Reset, I want to do a more advanced fitness program for 90 days to really kick things in gear.  I have worked it out so that I finish that 90-day program the day before  my birthday.

I was seriously considering doing P90X, but I have this fear that I'm simply not strong enough.  Cardio I can do, but my upper body strength is severely lacking.  And I definitely didn't want to start a program that I wouldn't finish.  So, I've decided to do Les Mills Pump.  Les Mills Pump comes with weights and uses multiple reps of lighter weights to raise the heart-rate, burn fat, and sculpt muscles.  After 90 days, I should have GREAT arms, shoulders, back, and chest, not to mention more toned abs, hips, thighs, and calves.

The camera on my phone isn't working, so these aren't pictures of my actual meals; I pulled them from Google Images.  But this will give you an idea of what I'm eating today.

Breakfast:  Tropical Strawberry Shakeology with kiwi and blueberries

Lunch:  salad with baby spinach, spring medley, red bell pepper, tomato, green onion, broccoli, cucumber, cilantro and a basic vinaigrette

Dinner:  baked salmon, asparagus, and boiled red potatoes

Water:  approximately one gallon of distilled water (1oz for every 2 lbs of body I should drink no less than 108 oz.)

Supplements: Mineralize with all water, Optimize and Oxygenize 30 mins before each meal, and Alkalinize mid-afternoon.

I enjoyed the Tropical Strawberry Shakeology more than I expected.  The other meals weren't too unusual or new for me.  Also, someone told me that drinking that much water was easier if you drink it through a straw.  Not sure why that is, but I found it to be true!

This morning's weigh-in:  217.8
This is a gain from where I was last Friday.  But it's likely due to not drinking my water regularly, not working out as much, and over-indulging this past week prior to my Reset.
If you are interested in trying any of these programs or learning more about them, you can check them out...Beachbody fitness programs, Shakeology, Ultimate Reset.

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