Friday, July 27, 2012

Beachbody Ultimate Reset, Day 21

Okay, I know I got really behind on posting every day.  But the fact is, I was kind of getting sick and tired of dwelling on the Reset every day.  I mean, it was already taking over my life with respect to the menu and the supplements.  I just didn't want to continue to add to that by posting about it every day as well.

So, here it is, Day 21.  Hallelujah!

In a nutshell, I'm happy to say that I survived the Reset.  I also have no problem admitting that I didn't really like it either.  There were several times when I was 'that close' to saying that I regretted the decision to do it in the first place.  And I even cheated on certain aspects.  But once I got more than half way through the 21 days, I was determined to finish it.

But the fact is, I didn't completely stick to it.  I ate an appropriate breakfast probably 90% of the time.  I ate an appropriate lunch probably 90% of the time.  I ate a Reset-approved dinner...maybe 60% of the time.  I drank more than 100 oz of water probably 50% of the time, but drank at least 72 oz the other 50% of the time.  I took my supplements religiously the first two weeks...not so much the last week.  But I'll continue to take them as suggested until they're gone.

Beachbody has a Reset Maintenance Kit to allow me to continue to take the supplements for the next couple/few months.  Yeah, I cancelled that shipment.  No more Reset for me!  I'll go back to taking my multivitamin and iron supplement.

It was suggested that we track our weight and measurements at least weekly and track our mood and sleep daily.  I did all that.  I lost weight nearly every day the first week.  I bounced up and down regularly in the last two weeks.  Today, I weigh 209.4, which is an overall loss of 8.4 lbs.  My mood bounced around too.  I felt pretty good the first week, depressed and weepy the second week, and weepy but more positive the third week.  The Reset did nothing to improve my sleep.  With my trazodone, I sleep GREAT.  Without it, it's a crap-shoot.  But I do think my energy level is up.

During the Reset, I wasn't supposed to work out.  Well about half way through, it really started to get to me that I chose to give up working out for 21 days...and I wasn't looking forward to having to bounce back from that kind of a break.  This past Monday (Day 17), I couldn't stand it anymore.  I brought my running clothes to work with me and even in the 90+ degree weather, I was going to at least get a short walk in.  Well, I felt MUCH better than I expected AND I wanted to know exactly where I was physically with regard to my walking/running.  So, I mostly walked, but also included some running, for 2 1/2 miles.  Tuesday, I ran more and did that same 2 1/2 miles.  Wednesday, I ran the entire first mile.  I felt GREAT!  I took yesterday off, but I have my clothes with me again today.  Looking forward to my lunch walk/run.  Hoping to run that first mile again.  So I'm thankful to say that I don't seem to have lost much of a step in my workouts.  Yea!

Would I do it again?  No way.  Have I picked up some better habits?  Definitely!

Before the Reset, I was a very bad drinker.  I'll bet I had no more than 24 oz of 'something' in an entire day.  I'd venture to say that I've had more water in the last three weeks than I had in the previous six months!  I also picked up some new foods that I'll stick with (stir-fry veggies over quinoa, steel-cut oats with fresh fruit, scrambled egg and spinach on wheat, and a few others).

All in all, it was probably a good thing.  But I really am glad it's over.  And I'm thrilled that I can get back to my workouts!


Raven said...

I'm on the reset now, and happy to find an honest review. Can you tell me if you had any problems transitioning back to "normal" food after?

Raven said...

I'm on the reset now, and happy to find an honest review. Can you tell me if you had any problems transitioning back to "normal" food after?

Leslie said...

Hi, Raven! I have to add, I'm a depressive and take meds for my depression regularly. So the weepy portion of my Reset probably had a lot to do with that. And anytime you fight depression, it'll affect everything else in life.

But for a good 3-6 months, I continued my walking/running regimen and ate a much, much healthier menu. But I have to say, in the last six months, my depression has really gone south. So I'm not doing all that well now. My doctor and I are working on it. But I also have to admit, I've purchased the Reset again! And I fully intend to do it again this summer, probably the last three weeks of June. And I think I'm much more prepared for it this time than I was last time.

Good luck with your Reset! I hope you have a quick and painless three weeks and that it's life-changing.

- Leslie