Sunday, April 5, 2009

I got nothin'...

I have accomplished a whole lot of nothing today except sleep in and have lunch with my son...both enjoyable.

I could have typed up the notes from my class reunion meeting last week. I could have written a chapter or two. I could have started making thank-you cards and receipts for the people who have already replied generously to my Relay for Life donation request letters. I could have done housework or cleaned out my car, both of which really need to be done.

But what I mostly regret is not mowing my lawn.
Jeff told me every day this week that he was going to mow my lawn. Every day of his spring break. But I am now the only yard in the neighborhood with long grass. Me mowing the lawn would have accomplished two things. One, my yard would look better. Two, it would have totally ticked Jeff off that I did it instead of thinking it was okay that he DIDN'T do it.
My fear? I haven't seen Linus Felinus for two days, but I'm pretty sure it's just because he's lost in the underbrush somewhere. I hope he finds his way out safely...before the lawn actually gets mowed.

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