Wednesday, April 1, 2009

The First of Many

Hey, guess what! Jeff won some sort of amazing lottery and his four-year degree is completely paid for... IF he chooses to change his major to Elementary Education with a minor in Spanish... which he agreed to do!

April Fools!

Puh-leeze, folks! Jeff and a bunch of little kids? Yeah, I don't think so. And he's taken the equivalent of six semesters of Spanish just to finish Spanish 1 and 2.

(IU Southeast Library)

But really... Yesterday, I wrote the first of what I assume will be many checks to IU Southeast. Jeff is now officially a student there. We turned in his housing request. We met with his advisor; her name is Sarah. He would have gotten his student ID except that the machine was down. But he DID enroll in his fall classes.

M/W -- 8-9:15am -- Introductory Psych
M/W/F -- 11am-12:15pm -- Principles of Chem (for majors)
M/W -- 12:50-2:30pm -- Elementary Comp and First-Year Student Seminar
M/W -- 6-7:15pm -- Pre-Calc
Th -- 1:15-4pm -- Experimental Chem Lab

Jeff has Tuesdays off, has only his Chem lab on Thursday, and only Chem lecture on Friday. But his Mondays and Wednesdays start early and are FULL. But all in all, he's pretty happy with his schedule.

And he's ready to begin NOW. He can't wait! I figure that's a pretty good sign.

(Physical Sciences Building)

If I haven't mentioned it before, Jeff is working towards a Bachelors degree in Bio/Chemistry and wants to go on to IU's School of Optometry after that. That means 7-8 years of school if his current plan is to come to fruition.

(Student Lodges)

He intends to live on campus all year round... mostly because it'll be easier for him to get a job in that area than it will be here. And he can stay in his dorm room (they call them lodges) as long as he takes at least one class. So, he's hoping to knock out Spanish next summer.

(Yeah, I know... Spanish! You'd think he'd be speaking it like a native after that many semesters, that many different teachers, books, and schools. But no. Spanish makes him cringe, but he still considers it the most appropriate language to take in this area. And he's probably right there.)


Christy said...

Sounds like you have it all planned out. So happy for Jeff!! Dread thinking about Aimee going to college after next year! Ugh

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Cassie Ann said...

Yay :) Jeff seems really excited about school! I've talked to him quite a bit on Facebook! :)